Wednesday, December 15, 2010

REVLON Photoready Powder (a must have)

I am a makeup junkie and I super love this product! It gives you a smooth and glowing effect on your skin...I use mine with foundation (Revlon Colorstay) because it gives me the airbrush like coverage that I like!
I have oily/normal skin and some large pores and this minimized the pores well. I also am prone to breakouts and this powder left my skin very smooth and breakout free.Its long lasting, it blends well and controls shine! The only thing I don't like about it is, it comes with a small flat brush that's not so nice for application. (the hair from the brush falls off sometimes)... =P

I do recommend this to friends who are looking for a good powder...This is so far one of the best that I've tried and it never leaves my makeup kit...

"Love One Another"

My Family owns a store that sell religious artifacts and novena near Manaoag church. I was waiting for my mom so I got a lil' bored and started reading novenas. The first one I got was St Francis of assisi...his story was very interesting, A rich man who turned his back on everything he have to follow the path Jesus wants for him...Here's something i read from the novena that moved me...He said..

"See how they love one another, must always be the witness of every christian how we relate to one another, how we treat differences among ourselves with respect and understanding- is always the bottom line in every walk of faith. Not how much we know, how much we suffer or give up but always and forever, how much we love one another"... 

That day I was happy. I was moved. I realized It doesn't matter how much heartache others have given us or how many times people tried to bring us down.
Love indeed is powerful, it can change one person and another.Love is Magical, it can make the impossible possible. Love can chance everything. Love can change YOU and ME. I believe in that, I hope you do too!

Orange Country