Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Graduation Make Up look

Graduation Season is finally here, so I would like to help make this experience more memorable for our graduates. Here are some of my Make Up works this March..I hope you like them!

1. Keep it CLEAN and SIMPLE as much as possible

2. Use Warm/Neutral Shades for you eyeshadow, to get a more natural looking make up, adding a little color will be nice too, try colors that will brighten your eyes. (just don't over do it!)

3. Your foundation should be able to withstand sweat and oil  since graduation season starts from March-April (which is summer in the Ph!). So, better be ready and get a long wearing and waterproof foundation. 

4. ENJOY. It's tough to get through College in one piece. So better enjoy this moment and make it count!

Congratulations and may God Bless you ALL!!!

Hair and Make Up for May


Hair and Make Up for Quennie




  1. Hi miaka! Nabilib naman ako sa galing mo mag conceal ng blemishes. Nakakainspire ka. Sana ako din makapag start ng make up business. Yun ata talaga ang calling ko. Hehe. I'd do my make up in the morning. Syempre office make up lang. Pero by lunch time, parang wala na rin.

  2. Ahahaha...experiment experiment lang din naman ako...di naman ako talagang magaling eh.

    Sige,pag nakita tayo ituturo ko sayo yung mala-24 hours look ko,hahaha...yung aking foundation secret.LOL


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