Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Audrey Hepburn is a very big fan of LV speedy..she was spotted wearing this handbag 

its timeless and dont you just love this vintage paparazzi shot of Audrey Hepburn carrying her Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. 

The bag launched back in 1930 and in 1965 Audrey Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton to make a smaller sized Speedy bag so the Speedy 25 came about. 

Im my opinion, LV speedy should be named after her..like Hermes kelly..named after Grace kelly of Monaco..or Dior princess named after Princess Diana or the Jackie bag by Gucci named after Jackie O….Audrey is one of the best fashion Icon I look up too.. don’t you thing “LV Audrey” sounds better than “LV speedy”..am I right or am I right?!

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