Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PEPPER LUNCH (greenbelt 5)

Had dinner at Pepper Lunch(greenbelt 5)  last night and dessert at Damaso with my boyfriend, sister and brother-in-law! YUM YUM…♥ I had beef terriyaki, it was really good..it has this sweet and spicy taste which I really love! I don't usually do food blogs but I guess its worth sharing...the only thing I don't like about eating at this place it that you have to line up for about 30 minutes or more to get a seat...so if you're in a hurry to eat your meal, this is not the best place to go to..haha

After my lovely dinner experience, I had my favorite LIME flavored gelatto at gellatissimo...and to satisfy more of my dessert cravings, we went straight to Damaso to get some Braso de Mercedes...whew!!! CALORIES!!! ( i don't feel guilty about it though) hahah...

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